How Homeowners Save Energy and Money This Spring

Rising Energy Cost Concept

Rising Energy Cost ConceptSpring brings an excellent opportunity for savvy homeowners to conserve energy and save money. Here are a few simple ways homeowners can save energy and money this spring.

1. Keep the Windows Open

Mild spring temperatures allow homeowners to open their windows more often. The breeze that comes in helps to cool the home naturally. Legacy Heating & Air adds that natural ventilation means they can turn off the air conditioner and reap the savings. Installing efficient window treatments also helps to reduce heat gain when temperatures rise. Devices such as films, blinds, and shades can help reduce energy costs.

2. Service the Air Conditioner

No matter the season, homeowners can lower their cooling bills by scheduling regular maintenance of their cooling equipment. Spring is an ideal time to let an air conditioning repair professional in Indiana check and clean the air conditioner’s evaporator coil. Clean filters and a clean coil will ensure the system runs optimally.

3. Alfresco Cooking

Warm spring days allows homeowners to indulge in outdoor cooking. Choosing an outdoor grill over an indoor oven helps to keep heat out of the home.

4. Use Daylight

Energy-conscious homeowners take advantage of daylight and avoid artificial lighting whenever possible. They switch off artificial lighting and use skylights and windows to brighten their homes.

5. Cool the Home With Ceiling Fans and Bathroom Fans

Use of ceiling fans to cool the house allows homeowners to raise their thermostat a few degrees. Cooling the house this way helps to lower energy bills without an adverse impact on overall comfort. Bathroom fans, on the other hand, suck out heat and humidity from the house, improving comfort.

There are many simple things any homeowner can do to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of their homes as warmer temperatures arrive. Take advantage of spring’s light and warmth and keep your cash in your wallet.