How Should You Build Your PPC Landing Pages?


PPCLanding page optimization is one of the most important aspects of PPC. You can conduct hundreds of split tests, write compelling ad copy, and target the most profitable keywords, but it’s all meaningless if potential customers just leave immediately. As tempting as it is to just focus on the number of clicks, conversion is still the most important metric.

A poor landing page will just waste all of the traffic you worked hard to generate. Thus, this is something that will directly contribute to your bottom line. Denver PPC companies will often make page optimization one of the first steps in their campaigns.

What can you do to improve the results you get? details a few pointers below.

1. Add a good CTA – A shocking number of websites don’t have obvious calls-to-action on their landing page. The button or form should be above the fold with any deals highlighted. It’s also a good idea to implement multiple conversion opportunities throughout the page’s length.

2. Use plenty of imagery – By adding attractive and relevant images, you can capture the user’s attention immediately. Use various sizes and layouts to avoid looking redundant, while balancing everything with good typography as well.

3. Write excellent copy – Don’t skimp on the content of your page. It should be free of any grammatical or spelling errors, and must be crisp and persuasive. You can use things like testimonials and data to help convince the customer even further.

4. Create a Thank You page – Let’s say that someone actually signs up or completes a purchase. Are they just redirected to your homepage? This is wasted potential; adding a dedicated thank you page for successful conversions is a good way to upsell and retain customers.

Remember that PPC is a field where minute differences can mean hundreds or thousands of dollars. Pay close attention to every aspect of your campaign to ensure that you get the most value for your money.