How to Avoid Common Teeth Whitening Pitfalls for a Happy, Healthy Smile

Girl with a Happy, Healthy SmileTeeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dental procedure in the world. Most people are eager to improve the way their smile looks, and as long as it is carried out on the prescription of a fully qualified dentist, it is both a safe and rapid solution to common tooth discolouration.

Smileworks in Liverpool offers a number of tooth whitening options, using the popular Enlighten teeth whitening system. This is the only system to guarantee a B1 shade of whiteness, which is the lightest colour available in the UK.

Some 48% of UK adults are unhappy with the way that their current smile looks, and the biggest single complaint – at 64% – is with the colour of the teeth. Red wine, tea, coffee, and smoking cigars or cigarettes all lead to surface tooth staining, and professional whitening is an effective solution in all of these scenarios.

The first thing a dentist will do is to establish the cause of your staining. Astonishingly, the number one cause of tooth discolouration in the UK is visible plaque. This is bad news for your health as well as your smile, because it causes dental decay and gum disease. A hygienist can help you develop a more efficient brushing routine as well as getting rid of all the plaque.

A dentist will also carry out a thorough oral health check before prescribing teeth whitening, because it should be carried out in a healthy mouth. This is just one of the reasons you must consult a dentist for any type of whitening treatment.

In fact, by law only a dentist can prescribe teeth whitening treatment in the UK. Another suitably trained dental professional, such as a hygiene therapist, can carry out the treatment on a dentist’s prescription, but you have to see a dentist first.

Some beauty salons offer whitening, but this is against the law and should be reported to the General Dental Council to ensure that nobody has to suffer the damaging effects of unprofessional treatment.

Many products from the high street also claim to whiten teeth, but they are likely to be ineffective and a waste of both time and money.