How to Choose an Auto Body Repair Shop

Man repairing carSome accidents may leave you with a Band-Aid and a broken taillight, but some accidents are more dangerous and destructive than others. In some cases, a driver would continue to drive their vehicle even after an accident.

If it is anything more than a dent, you should take your car to an auto body repair shop in Sussex, just to be sure it is still roadworthy. Here are a few tips on what to do.

Do not decide based solely on price

Different auto shops charge different fees for any given work, but just because one charges cheap or a hefty sum does not mean it is the best choice. It does not mean it is the worst, either. It is important to do more research instead of basing your decision on price alone.

Insurance accredited shops may not always be good

Your insurer is likely to give you a list of accredited shops in your area. That does not mean you should not try others. In some cases, an insurer-accredited shop may try to scrimp and save as much as possible because they can only expect a flat fee from your insurer.

Ask for recommendations

Your friends or family may have a trusted mechanic. It is best to ask them for recommendations first. Ask them about their experience with their shop of choice. You may also read a few reviews online about their recommended shops.

Ask if you can authorize every move

Ask the shop owner or mechanic if they may call you for approval for any service or parts. This is to avoid a “shock and awe” effect upon seeing the bill. Some original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts are expensive but generic or aftermarket equivalents may cost a fraction of OEM yet work just as well.

At least you have the opportunity to decide on the matter if the mechanic calls you first.

Forcing a car to keep running when you know it may expose you to risks is a bad idea. Take it to a shop for safety. But not just any shop; choose the one you can trust.