How to Come Up with Victorian Interiors

Victorian house on daylight

While there has been an influx of minimalist and modernistic interior design plans, one can still see that many people are going for traditional and lavish Victorian aesthetics. Those who choose this design cannot be blamed. Victorian aesthetics, though dated, will always be timeless.

The symmetry and the use of elaborate design pieces will always be its charm. If you are planning to implement this design in your home and give it a modern twist, there are some things you must consider to save money and time. Here are some of them:

Frame artwork or photos

You ought to frame things in your home to give it that luxurious Victorian feel. You could use cornices for your walls and ceilings. But if you want to go for simpler accents, you can use wood trims and mouldings made by a reliable manufacturer.

Go for curves

The Victorian style does not always favor straight lines. What it favors, though, is the use of elegant curves in all things. So when you choose a furnishing, go for the ones with complex frames.

The pillars of your home could have ionic or Corinthian elements, for example. As the ceiling’s central points, you could use a long-armed chandelier. Sconces are also a good idea.

Go bold with colors

Usually, you will see Victorian designs in white, cream, and other neutral shades. But you could always express yourself through bold, dark colors.

One color combination you should try is maroon and terra cotta. These shades will lend some warmth and luxe to your interiors. Navy blue and emerald green are also a good combination.

You could always make Victorian interiors happen. All you need to have are the right inspiration and a sound plan.