How to Get Maximum Efficiency from Your Compressed Air System

Part of a tube of a compressed air system

Compressed air is a basic utility in most industrial plants. The costs involved when running a compressed air system differs depending on the attention paid to its care and efficiency ‒ but if you cut corners with maintenance costs, when things go wrong, costs go up.

Several aspects need consideration to ensure a smooth-running system. You have to make sure the pressure is kept at a constant level. Regular maintenance checks, a good source of replacement parts, such as a reliable aluminium pipe supplier, and expert technical support are all vital elements of effective system management. Here are three simple to avoid spikes in your expenses.

Implement Permanent Monitoring

Keep track of crucial parameters like power, pressure, or flow within a specific period. Have the measurements analysed regularly to see if there are any changes that are causing, or may cause, problems. You can always find on a qualified auditor to do the job for you or validate your concerns.

Undergo Training

Awareness training for your employees can greatly reduce the risk of poor quality maintenance checks ‒ reducing the chances of increased maintenance costs. If you understand when parts are likely to need replacing, you can include their costs in the maintenance budget to avoid any expensive surprises. It’s important for key staff to understand how the compressed air system works, and to be able to identify when it’s not running properly.

Keep Your Equipment Up to Date

Today’s manufacturers have improved their equipment so it is more energy efficient. Just like a tube TV compared to a flat screen TV, your old equipment may not be as energy efficient as the latest equipment. Instead of continually repairing parts of your system, replacing it with a new, more cost-efficient unit may save you more in the long run. All manufactured equipment has a recommended life expectancy, so keeping it working past its optimal efficiency may at best cost more, and at worst be dangerous.

Compressed air will forever be used in industrial plants. Good maintenance is a key factor in long-term efficiency.