How to Get That Garden Vibe Inside Your Home in 6 Ways

House garden

Don’t have enough outdoor space for a garden, or are you looking to get that summery, carefree, and breezy garden feel indoors? Why not take inspiration from your garden and garden-inspired touches inside your home? Basic landscaping materials — such as slate and brick — could bring that earthy allure to your floors, while garden urns and tools would lend that inviting, indoors-outdoors feel to your space the whole year round.

To that end, below are some simple tips and tricks for using these pieces and make your home a garden retreat:

Get some urns and pots indoors

These sturdy and basic garden pieces, whether made of ceramic, terra cotta, concrete, or iron, would help add more texture to your space. If you want major drama, go for oversized pots and garden urns.

Give your space some potting-room flair.

Dress up your entryway with a farmhouse-style, rustic cabinet adorned with fresh flowers and plants in watering cans of different shapes, sizes, and colors.

Use basic outdoor materials inside your home.

Slate and brick floors work well indoors as they do outdoors. They’re particularly practical in transition spaces, such as a sunroom or patio.

Make art from garden tools.

That wrought-iron grate you bought from the flea market and those antique gardening tools collecting dust in a closet somewhere all have a place in your garden-inspired abode — showcased as an art piece on your living room walls, used for hanging kitchen pots and pans, or as a space divider. The possibilities are endless.

Showcase enormous, dramatic plants.

Think chic, Mediterranean vibe. Elegant, yet bold furniture coupled with huge tropical plants and some antique birdcages here and there.

Consider overhauling your color palette.

Go for a color palette that’s earthy and inspired by plants and the sky. For a more contemporary and updated earthy color scheme, go for a combination of different green hues with shades of gray or muted browns.
Nature really does provide ample inspiration; you just have to know how to incorporate that inspiration seamlessly and tastefully inside your home. From earthy colors to urns and real live plants, you too could get that fresh and easy summer vibe right inside your home and make summer last all year round.