How to get the best out of teeth whitening treatment

Teeth Whitening TreatmentAre you dreaming of a brighter, whiter smile? Then you are far from alone. Teeth whitening treatment is the most popular cosmetic dental procedure not just in Northern Ireland, but in the world, and it’s easy to understand why. As long as it is provided by a dentist, it is a safe, effective, and rapid way to enjoy a mini smile makeover.

Finding a professional is the most important part of any teeth whitening treatment. The General Dental Council provides guidelines for patients seeking whitening treatment, to ensure that it is as safe as it is reliable. Anyone other than a dentist who offers whitening treatment is doing so illegally, and must be avoided.

Blue Sky Dentistry in Northern Ireland offers both in-chair teeth whitening, which is carried out by the dentist in the comfort of the practice whilst you sit back and relax, and home whitening, which involves the use of custom-made mouth trays and whitening gel that you use overnight at home for a two-week period, under your dentist’s supervision. Both options will result in a set of beautifully white teeth.

As part of a professional teeth whitening procedure, your dentist will carry out a thorough general dental check-up. This is because, as with any form of cosmetic dental treatment, whitening should only be carried out on a healthy mouth.

Common problems such as enamel erosion or dental decay can cause increased sensitivity, so these – along with other conditions such as gum disease – should be treated before your whitening is carried out. If you are planning on brightening up your teeth for a special occasion, be sure to factor in enough time for a check-up and any additional treatment needed.

The physical procedure of teeth whitening involves the use of a gel containing hydrogen peroxide (a bleaching agent) which gently permeates the teeth and removes common stains such as those caused by smoking, or by drinking a lot of coffee or red wine.

Whilst the results aren’t permanent, they should last for many months, depending on your lifestyle; smoker’s teeth, for example, will discolour again more quickly. However, they are unlikely to return to their original stained condition.