How to Improve Stadium and Big Event Security

Applauding fans in a stadium

Speeches, concerts and athletic events can never be possible without secure stadiums and great seating in such an arena. But even the best stadiums need the best security. There is plenty of information available to help security personnel and event planners plan for such events.

Along with the preparations for seating placement, designers and engineers need to work together to make exits and entrances easy for thousands of people. Even as they choose tiered stadium seating systems and develop a security plan, they need to check the following things.

1. Ensure that security personnel has designated areas

The efforts made to secure the facility and guests should be visible. This includes employing vehicle-free zones, uniformed staff, and designated checkpoints. These could deter people with malicious intent from entering the premises.

2. Ensure that there are enough exit and entry points for the total capacity of the arena or theater

It’s best if you have the right number of seats for your audience, but you should also make sure that they have enough exit points if there is an emergency and you need to leave the area. These entry and exit points are important because you need to make sure there are no choke points in such a place.

It would be best to spread out such locations, and there should be emergency exit points at certain levels or areas. Your seating arrangement should not bar or cover emergency exits.

3. Use security cameras and warning systems

In such places, accidents can occur, and the best way is to prepare your staff and have the right equipment to protect your guests and audience. There should be sprinkler systems and warning sirens to warn people of possible dangers.

Designing a stadium, arena or theater is not as easy as it seems. You need to consider entertainment, comfort, acoustics, and safety.