How to Know if Your Home Has Good Resale Value

house for sale

One important factor in buying a house is knowing if you plan to sell it in the future. If you are getting a unit with a good resale value, it should be easy to sell when the situation calls for it. Lifestyle expert Sue Smith shares the top indicators of a home with good resale value.

It has a family space.

Whether it’s a place to host a party or entertain friends, buyers want an additional room spacious enough to accommodate some people. The term “family space” may sound a bit misleading, but often it refers to an area where a group of people can congregate.

It has at least two bathrooms.

One-bath homes often sell for much less compared to two-bathroom units. Given a choice between the two, first-time buyers will almost always go for a house with built-in two restrooms. Another thing to consider is having a master bath because this can significantly improve the unit’s resale value.

It has ample storage space.

One individual alone could collect too much stuff, what more if it was a whole family? They have to store all of their things somewhere. That is why walk-in closets have become almost essential in the 21st century. Homes with little storage and small closets can be difficult to sell.

It has a good flow and open floor plan.

These days, buyers look for homes with open spaces that allow for more natural light to come in. It is also a must to have a good flow that seamlessly interconnects every room. Many families with young children also prefer to have their master suite close to the other bedrooms.

Many buyers never consider the thought of selling when they purchase a new home but end up in this situation after a few years. It is a common mistake to focus on what suits your needs and things that might be beautiful only for you. Consider these factors if there’s a chance of you moving out in the future.