How to Maximise Your Warehouse Storage Space

Warehouse View

Being able to hold large amounts of goods at the same time makes it possible for businesses to lower their operational and delivery costs. Here are some tips that should help you make the most of your warehouse space.

Plan as if There are No Obstructions

A good warehouse storage system starts with an excellent layout of the warehouse and the shelves. Create a plan by sketching the shelves as if there are no obstructions, such as posts, in the warehouse. Once done, you can integrate the obstructions in the warehouse and adjust accordingly. This lets you use the maximum amount of space needed and the space available.

Plan for Movement

A warehouse is more than just a place where goods are stored. You have to bear in mind that items will be moved in and out of the place. As such, plan the warehouse as if it was a small city. How will your employees move around? Where do they enter and how do they exit? Consider the hallways as the road and make them just big enough for the traffic.

Go Mobile with the Shelving

You may also try using mobile shelves instead of permanent ones. Mobile shelves are as solid as permanent ones – and they offer the benefit of flexibility. This way, you will be able to adjust according to the needs of your business.

Go Vertical

This seems to be common in warehouses today, but try to be smart with your vertical storage. It is a given that the heavy items go below whilst the light ones go on top. With vertical shelving, you can likewise incorporate additional cabinets or drawers for the extremely small parts.

Like with grocery aisles, you would want to put certain items on top, depending on how often they move in your inventory.

Do you want your warehouse to be used efficiently? Follow these tips and improve your business inventory in no time.