How to Protect Yourself When Using CNC Plasma Cutters

CNC Plasma CutterCNC plasma cutting is an effective process for cutting metals and is widely used in manufacturing shops and metalworking facilities. During plasma cutting, inert gas is blown at extremely high speeds via a nozzle, which in turn creates a blinding electrical arc, converting some of the inert gas into plasma.

Because of the potential risks involved in this cutting process, below are some guidelines to ensure the safety of CNC plasma cutter operators:

To avoid burns, refrain from picking up any piece that has been cut off while you are still cutting.

Insulate the workspace properly using dry insulation covers or mats big enough to avoid contact with the ground or work piece.

Never use CNC plasma cutters in damp or wet settings to prevent any issues with the cutter’s high voltage.

Keep the workspace properly ventilated to avoid inhalation of or exposure to toxic gases and fumes.

Always wear eye protection when working near or using a CNC plasma cutter.

Remove potentially combustible materials from your pockets before using the cutter.

Set the air pressure to the recommended psi or pressure to make sure the CNC plasma cutter works properly.

Always wear protective gear, such as non-flammable clothing and aprons, to ensure that flying metal pieces, sparks or any debris will not hurt or burn you.

Make sure there is a fire extinguisher nearby in case of emergency. Likewise, keep at least 25 feet of distance between the cutting area and potentially flammable materials such as paper, wood or fuel.

Anyone who operates or maintains CNC plasma cutters must be fully aware of these safety guidelines. Additionally, customers and other relevant personnel must learn how plasma cutting works and the risks involved with improper use. Done correctly and safely, CNC plasma cutting could be very helpful.