Insurance Programs for Medical Professionals: Why Everyone Should Have Them

Cosmetic Surgeons

Cosmetic SurgeonsCosmetic surgeries, right from the non-invasive Botox to major surgeries such as liposuction and rhinoplasty, have become quite common today as the society now having become so appearance conscious. As popular as these procedures are, what is also becoming increasingly common is the number of surgeons being sued for botched up operations. The main causes of medical malpractice cited include too many patients to be handled, inadequate skills, and inefficient caring of the patient post-surgery.

Medical Malpractice

Mishandled plastic surgeries often push patients to bring the issue to the court. To protect themselves against these accusations, many professionals go for medical malpractice insurance. With such an insurance policy backing them up, surgeons are rest assured that they have financial help at hand should they be sued all of a sudden.

According to Florida-based insurance agency Gracey-Backer, given the kind of protection the medical malpractice insurance gives to plastic surgeons, anyone would think that all these doctors would like to be covered by the same. Some, however, still run practices sans the protective cover of the medical malpractice insurance. This means that if you go to a plastic surgeon and the results aren’t satisfactory, it may take a long time to make the doctor answerable for his wrongdoing or avail of compensation. You may have to go through a lengthy court proceeding.

What Doctors Say

The doctors on their part argue that as per the law, if they meet the state requirements for part-time physicians, they are exempt from this insurance. This implies the doctors save themselves the insurance premiums and also shrug off any responsibilities for a medical mistake.

It is the patients who suffer in such a scenario. Particularly, since the future of the patients comes under consideration in such situations, cosmetic surgeons must be asked to get themselves covered under the medical malpractice insurance just like their counterparts in other practices do.