Interior Secrets: Matching Timber Flooring with Your Room Décor

timber flooring

timber flooringFlooring can define how the rest of the room will look like. As it occupies a large space of your interiors, the flooring can serve as a basis for the colour theme. If you are laying a carpet or installing timber flooring, bring a sample with you to furniture and home improvement stores. This will make it easier to find a colour match for your floors.

Match the floor and wall colours

Wood or laminated floors may appear to be neutral in colour, but they have a distinct shade when you look close enough. As Perth suppliers of timber flooring recommend, think of this factor when looking for an appropriate wall colour.

If your floors are made of pine, choose yellow or orange paint to match the natural colour of the wood. Dark oak floors are best for walls with red or brown overtones.

Brightly coloured carpets attract the eye and tend to dominate the room. This feature is beneficial in the hallways. If you do not want your carpet to be the centre of attention, choose a combination of harmonious colours for the walls of the room. Contrasting shades may work, but you need to balance the colour if you have wall elements present in your furnishings.

Work with furniture

Colour schemes should blend well with the existing furniture. Choose an opposite shade for the walls of the room if you have dark leather couches. You can add more colours using soft furnishings and other elements. Buy new cushion pillows to break up the solidness of dark leather.

Before making your final decision about the type of floor, compare the flooring materials suitable to your home. Whether you choose pine or oak for timber flooring, the material should always be of high quality.