Is Building a Granny Flat a Wise Move?

HousingThe shortage of affordable housing in Perth has encouraged many people to use any available space in their yards to a build granny flat. Local councils are on board with this. They are eager to find ways to have enough housing for everyone. They do it by making it easy for homeowners to get approval to build one provided they satisfy the regulations.

Here are some things that may help you decide if building a granny flat is right for you: 


The cost of a granny flat in Perth will depend on many things. The size, number of bedrooms and inclusions will all affect the price. You can repurpose a shed or garage that is already there into a granny flat. You can save some money and get a custom flat at the same time. For building it from scratch, however, the cost of a granny flat that meets the terms of the local building codes is about $110,000.


Before taking any further step in this matter, you need to find out if you are even eligible to build one. The rules may be slightly different from council to council, but the basic terms apply to all. You can only have one on your property, and you need to be living on that property. The available space should be big enough so you can still have a yard, and the position of the proposed flat has to allow private access.  You can attach the granny flat to one side of your home, but it must be self-contained.


There are many uses for granny flats. Some people rent it to other people for extra income. Other people move into granny flats and rent out the main house instead because they can make more money that way. Still others build granny flats for the use of family members.

Granny flats are available as custom or kit homes. Whatever you choose, it is generally a good way to make use of available land. In other words, building a granny flat is a good idea if you meet regulations.