Is SEO About To Get Strange in 2017?

SEO in BrisbaneThe beginning of the year usually means the same thing for SEO experts and brands alike: predictions, predictions and more predictions.

When it comes to predictions, most experts prefer to take the safer route. For instance, If the forecast for 2017 focuses on the obvious (e.g. the dependence on mobile), there is no need to stick your neck out into uncertain territory, now is there?

But in reality, 2017’s batch of predictions is anything but obvious or expected.

Some see the death of organic positions; others feel that this may be the year we say goodbye to local SEO.

We at Bambrick Media, an SEO company in Brisbane, feel that now is the time to tune in to bolder SEO predictions, no matter how strange these may seem. This stance enables you to prepare for whatever scenario, and also gives you a better picture of SEO in the not-so-distant years to come.

The end of Local SEO, As We Know It?

Remember when Product Search first started? Who didn’t love being able to compare local online vendors? But Google has tweaked it, some, and the feature has become purely “pay-to-play” as Google Shopping. This is one indicator that the local SEO playing field is changing, with analysts seeing a soon-to-happen all-out Google grab.

And why wouldn’t Google make a grab? The search engine giant foresees making $5 billion on its Maps feature, which could spell the end of local organic packs.

The Death of Organic Positions 6 to 10

As a result of better engagement signals in today’s search rankings, only a few people click lower position results while more of them focus on higher trends.

What does This Mean?

2017 might see Google eliminating the lower half of search results. Experts believe Google will see positions 6 to 10 as useless since users easily ignore them. By de-cluttering the SERPs, it gives more room for ads, which generate better CTRs and organic listings.

SEO is FOREVER, Though

Despite the sudden goodbyes to SEO factors, there are no goodbyes to SEO. There have been countless predictions of death, but search engine optimisation remains relevant, now more than ever. Though challenges may abound, SEO will stand the test of time given the ever-growing digital landscape.

SEO might go through strange phases 2017 – what are your thoughts on these changes? Are you ready?