Jewelry Care: Tips to Make your Jewelry Last Long and Retain its Appeal

peach jewelry box with different kinds of accessories

Appropriate pieces of jewelry will light up a plain look, send a fashion statement, and complement your style. Whether you own just a piece or a humongous collection, knowing how to take proper care of your treasured fine jewelry is essential in maintaining the natural shine and making them durable. From wearing to storage and cleaning, these tips will help you care for your fine jewelry.

Inspect them often

Right from the moment you buy or order fine jewelry online in Nassau County, New York, learn to keep a keen eye on them. To minimize wear, Kravit Jewelry suggests that you should always check your jewelry frequently. When necessary, take it to a professional jeweler for cleaning and polishing. Also, have any anomaly fixed as soon as you notice them.

Clean them regularly

There are various jewelry cleaner recipes you can use at home but make sure you use the right kind. Read the labels on the appropriate cleaning solution and how to use it. You do not want your silver jewelry to come out black after hours of sitting in the cleaner, all because you didn’t check the instructions. If this happens, take it to a jeweler. Most professionals can correct these kinds of problems. After cleaning, inspect it just in case removing grime formed around the stones loosened them.


The best storage for jewelry is an organizer or a jewelry roll. These have individual pouches to hold every piece. They help prevent tangling, tarnishing and scratching that happens when the metals and stones are put together.

Other than the above, use the jewelry appropriately and do proper maintenance. If it is a jewelry watch, change the battery immediately when it dies. If it needs winding, ask a jeweler to do it for you. Avoid wearing jewelry when doing physical activities as this could cause them damage. Remove vulnerable pieces when swimming and sleeping as well. Whenever your jewelry needs polishing or resetting, do not hesitate to see a jeweler for help.