From Junk to Cash: How to Make Money Out of an Old Car

buy junk car

If you own a junk car in your garage, you may have considered getting rid of it for more storage space. Your immediate thought would be to simply toss it out. Before making any rush decisions, think about your other possible options. What’s good about junk cars is that you can actually make money out of them.

buy junk car

Here are some ways to turn your junk car into cash:


You can sell your old vehicle to interested buyers, either in whole or in parts. Though your vehicle may not be working anymore, it may still have some valuable parts. Look for any “we buy junk cars” postings through the Internet, and start making negotiations.


You can trade your car for a new model if it still has a resale value. You can buy a new car at a much discounted price this way. You can also recycle some of the car’s usable parts. Before sending the vehicle to a scrap yard, scavenge it for parts you think can still be used elsewhere. It could be anything from a side glass to a windshield.

People often think that an auto junkyard is just another dump. These days, however, junk yards also support recycling. If you’re into eco-friendly options, then selling to a junk car company is your best choice.