Keep Family Safe With Proper Home Security System

Home Security in New Zealand Setting up modern home security systems is easy but there is more to its installation than just attaching bolts and screws. You need to consider many things and among these is your home electrical system.

Home security systems are designed to keep your family and property protected against intruders by giving ample warning during break-in attempts. But what if the security system itself becomes a potential hazard that exposes your family and property to danger? You might wonder if such thing is really possible, so today, you are going to learn how security systems can become a hazard.

DIY Home Security Installation

Like most homeowners, you may be tempted to install home security system by yourself, perhaps due to enticing easy-to-install labels on their advertisements. Maybe you just want to show how excellent is your Do-It-Yourself skills to your family. Whatever the reason, you first need to check your home’s wiring system and see if you can truly undertake the task. Failure to do so may expose your family and property to real danger instead of according it protection.

Old Electrical Wiring Dangers

If you live in an old home in New Zealand, there is a strong chance it has an old wiring and switchboard system. In a whitepaper published on, it states that the old wiring systems of many residential houses in New Zealand falls short of the international safety standards. The government has raised the alarm on the hazards your family and your property, are exposed to of old wiring system.

Possible Hazards

So what possible hazards are you exposed to in face of this old wiring system reality? At the very least, your expensive home security equipment can be damaged by electrical surges. In a worst case scenario, you or your family can get electrocuted. Homes designed and constructed during 1940s to 60s did not factor in fire safety. This means that improperly wired home security equipment that is attached to an old wiring system could heat up and catch fire.

Have Them Installed

It is only normal for parents to sometimes show off their DIY skills. But in this situation, installing security systems is better left to professionals like Adam Tulloch, as they know better about old black rubber wirings and other electrical stuff. This way, your home security system will take on the job of providing you with a protection blanket instead of exposing you to risks.

A home security system can discourage would-be intruders from targeting your home. The right one will become your first line of defence against such intrusions. This is why it’s important that you install the security system properly and ensure it is wired correctly.