Keep Your Feet on the Ground: 4 Kinds of Residential Flooring

cork flooring

cork flooringStylish pieces of furniture, attractive wall colour schemes and ornamental room lighting makes a home look the best it can be. It’s better to come in from work to a relaxing ambiance, reducing the stress of a busy day. More important than these factors however is installing chic and practical flooring as an essential in your home.

Choosing the most suitable cover for the ground is not that complicated. There is a wide selection of flooring options for residential properties that you can choose from, providing customers with the luxury to get a right match for their house.

Cork Flooring

If you’re more of the modern type of person when it comes to styles, you can go for the cork flooring. It’s relatively new to the list, as this material was common on walls before. Cork flooring is anti-microbial, reducing allergens at home. In addition, it’s fire-resistant, easy to maintain and naturally repels insects.

Bamboo Flooring

Whilst corks are soft in texture, this type of floorboard is moderately hard and durable. Bamboo flooring is another eco-friendly option you can choose, growing maturely within just three years, unlike other plant-made materials. It is light weight and works with different décor, setting, or designs schemes.

Glass Tiles

Contemporary styles deserve fitting materials that complement it. Glass tiles can be a good option as these are made of recycled bottles that suits any area of the house, especially bathrooms. Glass tiles can come in a variety of colours and patterns.

Carpet tiles

Houses are supposed to be relaxing for people and the most suitable flooring option for this factor is a carpet. Although it’s not ideal for living rooms, kitchen, and bathroom, this kind of flooring is great for bedrooms because it’s soft and comfortable to walk and sit on.

Choosing the best option for your residential flooring should not be a hit or miss because it can impact the comfort level and aesthetics of your home. With all the style developments emerged, selecting the most suitable design is not that complicated. Make sure you get it from first-rate manufacturers and dealers.