Keep Your Counter Space Clear with these Clever Ideas

counter top

Counter space is among the most wanted real estate in the kitchen. Aside from serving as room for prepping counters also serve as additional storage for ingredients and kitchen tools that you use daily. Below are some smart ways to stretch every single inch of your counter space.

Arrange Items a Cohesive and Neat Feel

Layer cutting boards in different sizes, rest them against your backsplash and make a pretty serving tray do double duty by placing commonly used kitchen utensils, spices, and salt and pepper shakers on it. This could free up some much-need counter space in an instant.

Opt for Beautiful Canisters

If you easy access to stuff you regularly use in the kitchen such as sugar, salt, coffee, cereals, etc. set aside a portion of your counter space for them—just don’t leave them in the packaging they came with. Decant them instead in opaque stainless or glass canisters for a neat and clean look.

Consider a Towel Bar

A trusty towel bar placed on the side of your counters (specifically on the cabinet below) would clear ample counter space in a snap, suggests a top interior designer in Utah. Installing one on the sides of your countertops is fairly easy and coupled with some S-hooks, it would be perfect for hanging pans and pots that you use every day.

Ensure That Your Cabinets Drawers are Well Organized

When you’re working with limited counter space, make sure that every inch of your cabinets and drawers are maximized by hooking them up with proper storage solutions. Simple items like a built-in spice rack or knife block inside drawers or cabinets would make these items still easy to access even if they were not on your counter.

Make Your Backsplash Do Double Duty

Consider installing a towel bar or a basic curtain rod on your backsplash and use it for displaying and holding pretty mugs and/or towels. You could likewise consider filling your backsplash with simple pegboard for even more storage.

So if you’re tired of having to deal with little counter space and clutter that seems to pile up on your countertops, keep the counter storage ideas suggested above to ensure that you squeeze as much counter space as possible.