Know What You Need: The Types of Tow Trucks

Illegally Parked VehiclesA tow truck is a large vehicle type, often identifiable for its crane and hook. In 1916, Ernest Holmes, Sr. invented the tow truck, which others refer to as a wrecker, breakdown truck, recovery vehicle or a breakdown lorry. Its primary use is to move disabled or indisposed motor vehicles. It also serves to enforce parking rules and regulations by towing away and impounding illegally parked vehicles.

Truck Types According to Use, a 24/7 towing service with depots across Australia, lists down the various towing services you may need. There are different types of tow trucks according to use. Take for example how, in every towing service, there are different types of trucks in service.

Towing Services

  • Light Vehicle Accident/Recovery Towing
  • Heavy Vehicle Accident/Recovery Towing
  • Low Loader Tow Truck
  • Specialised Trade Transport
  • Oversized Transport
  • Dedicated Fleet Services

Knowing what type of truck you need to use is important, because not every truck has the capabilities you may need. The types of tow trucks fall under five general categories. The use of these trucks, in general, depend on the vehicle size that each can tow.

  1. Boom – These tow trucks are massive and serve to recover vehicles that require caution in handling. This often involves vehicles crashed in ditches. Similar to a hook and chain, this tow truck relies on its boom and holds onto a truck through a chain, an a-frame or a telescoping tube.
  2. Hook and Chain – It uses two chains along with a back axle, and this outdated mechanism can damage a vehicle’s bumper. One of the earlier methods of towing, this type of tow truck now serves to transport junk cars.
  3. Wheel Lift – Taking after the hook and chain, the wheel- or spectacle lift tow truck utilises a hydraulically lifted metal yoke to move a car by its front or rear wheels.
  4. Flatbed – As the most secure form of towing, a flatbed truck features a hydraulic plate on its back, wherein a vehicle places itself.

There are, of course, tow trucks with a combination of features for versatility. Depending on your need, though, these are the types of tow trucks you can consider for your unique towing needs.