Laughter Beyond the Grave: Why Funny Headstones are a Thing

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Do an online search about “funny epitaphs” or “funny headstones” and you will find a treasure trove of examples that show how a person’s humor can live on beyond death. One headstone of a Texas woman reads, “If you can read this, you are standing on my boobs.” Another says, “Here lies an Atheist. All dressed up and no place to go.” You can even look at headstones here in West Valley City, and you may find epitaphs that will make you chuckle.

Humor vs. Grief

Such inscriptions may seem ironic. Jokes evoke laughter that most people will attribute with living, but the jokes like the ones above are written on grave markers, final resting places of the dearly departed. How can humor be any good in such places?

Humor Helps with Grief

According to psychology, humor and laughter actually do plenty of good in times of grief and mourning. Bereavement groups and other grief programs incorporate laughter and humor to induce healing in grieving individuals. A study from Berkeley also discovered that anxiety and depression lessened when study subjects smiled and laughed.

The healing power of humor may stem from its benefits of reducing stress and increased endorphins. When you laugh, your body releases feel-good hormones that improve your mood, and these hormones are called endorphins. You also end up less stressed because of these hormones.

Let Yourself Laugh

Laughter may just be the medicine you need as you grieve the loss of a loved one. Remember the fun and humorous times you had with the dearly departed. Allow yourself to laugh when you remember those memories. In fact, you can write a funny epitaph on your loved one’s headstone too.

Write a Funny Epitaph Too

A joke on your loved one’s grave can be your way of honoring the deceased, especially if they had a great sense of humor. At the same time, whenever you visit, you remember to laugh and look back at the good times. Eventually, you’ll heal.

What will your dearly departed one’s epitaph say? Don’t worry about what others say. If you think it should be funny, then do it.