Lawn Power: More than Just Beauty and Appeal


LawnA well-kept home lawn is a remarkable sight. It is very captivating and adds elegance and beauty to any home. While this may be enough reason to maintain a lawn in your house, you may be surprised that your lawn offers other benefits and uses.

Lessens Risks of Injury

You may have noticed that kids playing in lawns are less likely to encounter scraped knees and other minor injuries. Lawns have a surface that is softer, reducing the likelihood of getting hurt when taking a fall. You can also take precaution and prevent any sharp scratches by hiring a dependable lawn mower in Perth.

Helps the Environment

You may not be aware, but your lawn contributes significantly to a better environment. Those attractive grasses you tend after actually capture and utilise greenhouse gases, which are substances that lead to global warming.

Grass is also known for its capability to trap dust, smoke, and other pollutants, allowing humans to breathe better. In fact, a 250 square foot lawn may provide adequate oxygen for a family of four for one whole year.

Excellent Cooling Effect

Unknown too many, lawns provide an excellent cooling effect especially during hot months. Experts say that eight lawns of an average size may give us a cooling effect equivalent to 70 tons of air conditioning. With this quantity, about 16 homes will be spared of the heat.

Enhances the Value of the Property

A lawn that is properly maintained will help increase the value of your property by as much as 20%. In addition, a home with a lawn would be easier to sell and would attract more tenants should it be rented.

With these benefits plus the aesthetic value it offers, it would be really worth the effort to maintain your lawn. It only takes a little time, a little effort and a little budget. But the rewards and benefits you reap will be more than little.