Living in Sydney: Top 3 Areas


SydneySydney is an expansive city with an area of over 1,100 square kilometres. It is a home to more than 4 million residents, and features a thriving arts, cultural, and hospitality scene. It is one of the world’s most highly rated cities in terms of quality of life, and named as the best city in the world by numerous publications.

The unique features of city make it an ideal place to live in and start a rewarding life. Here are the best areas to live in the city:


As a world-class suburb, Chatswood is one the city’s major commercial and retail districts. Some of the best things about it include a safe and clean living environment, good transport network, and comprehensive living facilities. Housing options are available, including Chatswood apartments, residential properties, and accommodation for overseas students and workers.


This central-city neighbourhood is known for its shopping centres, off-the-wall boutiques, and Victorian terrace houses. Paddington is best place where you’ll spot the latest trends in fashion, food, wine, and art. Many people like living in area because of its cosmopolitan vibe, and many more are coming for the bars, shopping centres and markets. It is the preferred place for those with a penchant for style and inner city living.


This inner west suburb is a highly recommended residential area because of its vigorous and multicultural atmosphere. It is a popular area for movie lovers and partygoers. Newtown is a suburb filled with colour and culture, with plenty of restaurants, theatres, and clubs. The area has newly built apartments and old-style houses, with plenty of hostels and hotels providing affordable prices for tourists.

It is easy to see why Sydney is one of the best cities to live the world. Apart from its diverse atmosphere and energetic vibe, it is full of suburbs that offer the distinct local charm.