Look Back at the Long History of the Porsche 911

Car light of a Porsche

A few months ago, Porsche produced its one-millionth 911 car, and the auto world fondly looked back at the history that has made the 911 such a popular model. You, yourself, may have a 911. You have been taking good care of it through regular maintenance and restoration for vintage models from a Porsche NYC maintenance center, but do you know the long and colorful history of the model of your car?

Formula Motorsports and other car experts list some info you may find useful:

The 901

The first iteration of the 911 came out in the 1963 Frankfurt Auto Show under the name Type 901. The manufacturer started to decrease production on Type 356 and thought of a replacement, the Type 901. The first version sported a low hood, a streamlined roof, only two doors, as well as a flat-six rear-engine that is air-cooled.

The Original 911

Before the 901 went out for sale, however, Peugeot issued a statement that reminds it had semi-official rights to automotive numeric nameplates that had a zero in the middle. As a result, the 901 became the 911 in time for sales in 1964. Back then, the 911 sold only for less than $6,000 and you could enjoy its 130 horsepower, which is capable of speeds up to 130 miles per hour.

The First Variant

A few years later in 1967, the 911 Targa came out with its foldable top, soft canvas cover, and removable plastic windows. Sadly, the first Targas had numerous defects — drivers had limited visibility, the roof leaked during rain showers, and the windows yellowed under the sun.

The Turbocharged

In 1975, the 911 rolled out as the 911 Turbo or 930. In its 930 iteration, the 911 received an upgrade in the form of the turbocharged engine. The fixed rear spoiler also characterized the first 911 Turbo.

As the years passed, Carrera and GT versions expanded the roster of the Type 911. Today, the 911 remains a popular and iconic car that collectors the world over want to have. You count among the blessed people that have snagged a classic beauty.