A Look Under the Hood: 3 Signs Your Laundry Equipment Needs Repair

commercial laundry equipment

Every year, the average American family does almost 300 loads of laundry. Today’s new coin laundry business owners are far different from those of the past. Many new coin laundry owners perform their own monthly maintenance and repair to save money, while others prefer to hire professional commercial laundry equipment service provider. Like all other appliances, laundry equipment goes through wear and tear.

commercial laundry equipment

Here are some warning signs:

Washer makes unusual sounds

If you’re hearing unusual sounds, your washer may be off balance. If the noise continues even if the load is lighter, there’s a problem with the motor. The fix itself is not easy, so call a washer repair service.

The machine needs electrical work

Any electrical repair is best left to the pros. According to laundry industry authorities such as the Coin Laundry Association, National Cleaners Association, and Rhino Laundry and Dry Cleaning Specialist, it can be dangerous for a person who is not trained to work on these issues.

Water doesn’t fill the drum

There are many things that may cause this problem. There may be a twist in the hose, a clogged filter, or water faucets are off. If fixing these problems doesn’t correct the issue, then your laundry equipment needs repair.

Whenever there are any signs of problems, it’s best to hire skilled commercial laundry equipment technicians. This way, you can prevent a costly replacement and prolong your equipment’s service life.