LOOP Multi Reels for the Ultimate Fishing Experience

loop multi reel

Well-made LOOP multi reels form an integral part of fly fishing tackle and are widely used both by professional and amateur anglers. A LOOP multi reel is a die-cast, arbour reel based on the drag system. It’s affordable and long lasting, too. The drag system is called Power Matrix. These are completely waterproof and are somewhat similar in terms of operations to machined reels. In the case of these reels, the handle lies more towards the spool centre, allowing faster retrieval of the line and more space if you decide to hand palm.

loop multi reel

Outstanding Features

A leader holder is fixed to the counter balance with the drag knob being reset. This is to prevent the fly line from getting caught while casting the line. The spool is V-Shaped to enhance fly line spooling optimally, while a conical shaped rubber handle allows the fly line ease of movement without getting tangled. The workhorse design, moreover, prevents the line from snapping when your catch is big and you’re struggling to draw your catch in, regardless of the type and weight of the fish you catch.

Such types of LOOP multi reels fit in easily with fly rods specifically designed to cast artificial flies. These usually comprise of a hook tied with feathers, fur, foam, or any other light material. As most fly rods nowadays are made of composite materials like fibreglass, graphite/boron or carbon/graphite composites, these reels are designed to fit in with any rod easily. Moreover, the fly rod depends on the fly line weight for casting. These reels ease the movements of the fishing line when the fish is at a distance from the bait. In typical cases, a leader or monofilament segment is attached to the fly line’s one end with a fly on the opposite end.

An Innovation for Anglers

These reels are particularly handy when it comes to fishing for the tiniest freshwater trout and large saltwater fish. In the case of a heavy catch, as the fish tend to put up a fight, these reels adjust themselves automatically to the fish’s movements and help in “tiring” it out before it is hauled in.

Ever since these reels have come into the market, they have caught the fancy of both professional and amateur anglers. Many consider these a must-have in their fishing tackle because of the multiple uses they offer. Also, they make your fishing experience a truly pleasurable one.