MAP Policy: Tips for Maintenance and Enforcement

MAP PolicyAs a manufacturer enacting a MAP policy, your commitment to enforcing it is crucial. While trusting your authorized resellers to follow the MAP agreements is all well and good, it just doesn’t work that way, most especially in the online world where huge discounts are just a few clicks away. However, maintaining and enforcing your MAP agreements doesn’t have to involve hard labor

Consider the following suggestions from PriceManager.

Monitor your MAP Policies on a Regular Basis

You should have a specific strategy for monitoring your MAP policies regularly, which largely involve checking out the online marketplace for potential violators. Consider getting a third-party service to do the work for you instead of getting one of your staff to do this. Plenty of online subscription services will do just that; scour thousands of sites, including comparison shopping sites and websites of your authorized sellers, as well as sites of unauthorized sellers you might not even know about, to give you a detailed report of its findings.

Communicate with Violators Quickly and Efficiently

Monitoring for potential violators isn’t sufficient because you’ll also have to act quickly when you do spot violations. There may be times when you find multiple violators but you just don’t know which one you should prioritize. In this scenario, take advantage of your MAP monitoring subscription service, provided that it’s capable of prioritizing violations from minor to the more major ones. This way, you could easily tell which sellers could potentially have the most negative impact on your products so you could communicate with them and penalize them according to your MAP agreement.

Keep Detailed Records

You should likewise keep detailed and accurate records of all documentations related to your MAP enforcement practices, particularly any communications you’ve had with previous violators. This will be tremendously helpful in case you have to resort to legal action. These records will absolve you any wrongdoing in the event that you are accused of unfair practices since all negotiations about your minimum advertised price policy is legal and binding.

By consistently monitoring for MAP violators as per the suggestions above, you are assured of the benefits offered by your MAP agreements without having to spend time away from more important business activities. More importantly, you ensure that your brand and your authorized MAP compliant resellers are always protected.