Mediation as an Alternative Settlement Method For Divorce

a mediator listening to a couple

Negotiating a divorce settlement usually involves the two parties and their respective lawyers. Court-based divorce proceedings may still be the typical scenario, but many couples are choosing mediation, which involves a third-party mediator.

Getting the right help from a professional is what The Law Offices of Ian S. Mednick, P.C. and other law firms recommend to couples who are planning to divorce.

The mediator and mediation

Figuring out what is best for your family during divorce talks may be difficult and complicated. Mediation aims for the resolution of all issues relevant to the divorce. The mediator is a neutral entity that helps both parties make sound decisions. An experienced mediator facilitates a focused discussion to clarify issues and achieve goals.

Based on surveys among relevant groups, mediation is far more beneficial than court proceedings. Mediation has less financial requirements and provides greater privacy. There are no public records and no hearings in a court of law. Moreover, you are in control of the process with a legal adviser on your side. You can even improve communication lines between you and your spouse because of the open format of the proceedings.

Steps in mediation

A divorce lawyer will guide you through the mediation process. It starts with deciding to get to the table at a certain time. It is best to choose a good mediator right from the start, even while you are conducting pre-mediation conferences. Your lawyer must prepare a position paper. Meanwhile, you must prepare for a bargaining session that will gain helpful results.

While thinking about bargaining, figure out terms that are acceptable to you. Before sitting down to negotiate, set clear goals for yourself – those you want to achieve through the process. Make a list that will serve as your guide.

If you are patient and you know what you need to do to live a peaceful, satisfying, and happy life, then make the most of the mediation process. Let your legal advisers help you make the right decisions and achieve the best outcome.