Military Packaging: Simplifying Things Through Software


Dotting every ‘I’ and cross every ‘t’ when doing business with the Government can be a stressful task.
After all, military packaging requires an efficient labelling system, and new contractors need to get acquainted with the requirements. If done manually, however, it would just be too inefficient in terms of time, effort, and costs.


A better option is to simplify the packaging for the defence units through the use of available software. To help you understand the process, here is a discussion from on how to achieve military packaging excellence.

RFID Labels

Printed RFID labels have become a necessity to the DOD, as these enable every label to be formatted correctly and accurately. Prior to the introduction of RFID labels, each label need not only be accurate, but also as readable by humans as possible. In addition, the label also had to contain bar-coded data. At times, there were also some requirements of Unique Identification marked parts and unique RIFD tags that only made labelling a more tedious task.

Simpler, faster, easier

But, with RFID labelling software, the entire process has been simplified, as users can submit the RFID and UID data to Wide Area Workflow or WAWF with just a few clicks. Also, there are several RFID label options available for different kinds of label requirements.

The Advantages

Users can expect the following benefits when using software for organising and submitting RFID data to WAWF:
• It enables quicker processing of larger shipments.
• It enables a more organized and efficient shipment of multi-box items.
• UID shipments are made easier and faster, as the software quickly correlates Case, UID, and Pallet RFID data.

Thus, the military packaging technology is the best solution for companies that wish to save time and money on shipments. It is also the best bet for those that are new to defense work.