Most Common Furnace Problems Homeowners Should Be Aware Of

Furnace Service in Indiana

Furnace Service in IndianaThe worst thing that could happen to your household during a freezing winter night is to discover your furnace is not working. During this time, wrapping yourself in layers of clothes might not be enough.

The biting winter cold is here again and it is also the time when furnaces go on full power to combat the heat. Unfortunately, there are times when these complex machines break down due to a number of reasons. So if you do not want to experience a night with a broken furnace where temperatures are at several degrees below zero, then you might want to check these out.

Replace Air Filters

One problem listed by HowStuffWorks when it comes to the furnace is having dirty air filters. So before the start of winter, you should check the air filters and see if they need to be cleaned or replaced. In some cases, changing the air filters once every two months may be a prudent move on your part. You can also clean them once a month if you see the need to do so. If you are a bit wary about doing this, you can consult an Indiana furnace service professional on how to properly do it.

Check your furnace thermostat

If upon testing your furnace do not seem to produce heat, you might want to check the thermostat. This does not automatically mean that your thermostat is broken. It may be that the battery level in your thermostat is already running low. On some models, changing the thermostat battery will fix it. If not, have it checked by a qualified professional.

Inspect the power supply and circuit breaker of your furnace

When your furnace suddenly stops working and there is nothing on the screen of the thermostat, you need to check first if there is power. Check if the power cord is securely plugged into an assigned outlet. If it is, you might want to check if the circuit breaker blew a fuse or tripped.

Regular Maintenance

You are only going to use your furnace for maybe two or three months, so there is no excuse not to have it maintained during the idle months. Call a professional in Indiana specializing in furnace and AC service and repairs to check and do maintenance tasks. This way, you will be able to identify any potential future problem and to resolve it before winter. Besides, Health Status mentioned that regular maintenance of the furnace helps maintain the quality of air you have indoors.

It is always a good idea to check your furnace during the fall or before the winter season begins. This is to avoid a great degree of inconvenience, not to mention freezing nights, in case of a breakdown. Bear in mind that since a lot of furnace are being serviced during the winter, the repair rates may go up. The only way to avoid these things from happening is to ensure your furnace is in good working condition so you can have comfortable winter nights.