Moving to a Smaller Office as Your Business Moves Online

Commercial Moving in Denver

Commercial Moving in DenverLarge, private office spaces are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Companies are choosing to move to a smaller office space to downsize their business.

Should you plan on moving into a smaller office space, consider hiring a commercial mover within your area. Denver is home to many businesses, small and established alike, which is why there are many companies specializing in commercial moves around the area.

But why are companies choosing to move to smaller offices in the first place?

The Rising Popularity of Small Offices

In the past, private office spaces were the norm. Companies would separate these spaces with walls, glass partitions, and cubicles. Cubicles require a lot of floor space, to give workers their privacy. This was believed to improve productivity by minimizing distractions. Companies, however, are quickly seeing the benefits of switching to a smaller office space.

The first consideration is rent. Soaring rent means that many businesses are feeling the strain of paying for rent and maintenance — money that could otherwise go to more productive endeavors.

Many companies are also foregoing large office spaces because of online collaboration — companies can now work with employees hundreds of miles away thanks to improved online collaboration tools. This increases a company’s productivity, while simultaneously saving on rent and maintenance costs.

Downsizing Your Office

Thanks to e-commerce and digital marketing, companies can get away with smaller workspaces because the majority of their work is done online. Some companies may even choose to have their employees work from home, only coming into the office if they need to meet with clients or to discuss something in person.

When downsizing your office, always plan accordingly. You want to save the furniture you need and keep the employees who matter most. Be ready to make the move online, by training in the correct collaboration software.

Though a smaller office space seems like a step down for your business, moving your operations online opens up an even bigger world. You can have a large team of professionals from all over the world while using up minimal office space.