Nailing the Western Look: Dressing Up Like a Cowboy

Man wearing his cowboy outfitThe cowboy outfit — the entire Western aesthetic, in fact — has been part of the country’s popular culture for more than a century. Used as the inspiration for books, TV shows, and movies, it’s not going to fade from general memory anytime soon. So, whether you want to adapt this kind of look for a western-themed party or are just looking to start a new personal style, keep the following in mind.

Don a Cowboy Hat

A cowboy hat, such as a straw cowboy hat, is more than just an ordinary accessory. It can provide protection to keep dirt from flying into your eyes and keep the sun’s rays from your face. Although fancy designer hats are available, real cowboys go for well-worn hats. Furthermore, when you’re dressing up for the warmer seasons, opt for a straw hat. On the other hand, a beaver fur felt cowboy hat would do well in the cold of weather.

Wear Plaid

Commit yourself fully to the look by wearing a long-sleeved, button-down plaid shirt. Take the season into account when choosing the thickness of the fabric of your clothes, as well. You could accessorize by adding light embroidery or a chest flap that shuts closed on one side.

Slip on Some Jeans

A majority of cowboys prefer simple jeans with boot cuts or straight legs. Dig through the back of your closet and grab some tight-fitting, worn-out pants. If you don’t have one, buy one that is both comfortable and durable.

Get a Pair of Cowboy Boots

Another identifiable element in a cowboy outfit is quality cowboy boots. The ideal pair of boots has high tops to safeguard the shins. In addition, pointed toes will help guide feet into the stirrups. Moreover, its high heels will prevent any slipping through the stirrup. Take note of these boot features when you’re on the lookout for a pair of cowboy boots.

A cowboy hat, a button-down plaid shirt, a pair of practical jeans, and a pair of cowboy boots are essential pieces to the traditional cowboy look. When you’re looking for a cowboy outfit, develop your own style and pick accessories to make your outfit stand out.