New Ideas in the World of HVAC

HVAC Systems in RivertonAs the temperature changes, we need to heat or cool our homes to remain comfortable. But the utility bills can be steep and the continuous use of HVAC can also pollute the atmosphere significantly. According to an expert from Airtime Heating & Cooling, there are innovations in the industry in general and in HVAC in Riverton, in particular. Today the HVAC systems have become energy efficient and eco-friendly.

Energy Efficient Systems

New technology is used in manufacturing today's HVAC systems. This technology is called desiccant enhanced evaporative AC. This can reduce the consumption of energy by more than 50%. The technique used in this system first separates the hot air that comes in. One stream of this air is humidified and the other stream is dried. Then the streams are combined to produce cool and dry air. This system does not require any coolant. Earlier, this kind of technology was only used in the cooling system of commercial buildings, but today it is also used in residential buildings as they are cost effective.

Geo-thermal Technology

After a long wait, geo-thermal technology is being used to innovate and create improved HVAC systems. After many years of research, the engineers have created sustainable and energy saving products. This technology uses the energy of the earth to cool and then heat the home. In the earlier systems which used geo-thermal energy, the problem was in the consistency and uniformity of spreading warm and cool air in the homes. Now the system has been improved upon; the systems now use water, which in turn, absorbs the heat from the earth. The fluid then transfers the heat through the home.

The other innovations in the HVAC systems include the ‘learning’ thermostat or the nest thermostat, which can be programmed with settings in advance. This will also help in energy conservation as the nest thermostat takes the prevailing climatic conditions such as wind, chill, and humidity into account before it adjusts the temperature indoors.