Off-Street Parking Drive of UK Homeowners

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As on-street parking now requires you to have a permit, you may want to apply for a dropped kerb and turn your front garden into a driveway. Torrents of homeowners have done the same since 2013. Statistics show that dropped kerb applications rose by 49 percent within the span of two years from 2013 to 2015. In Kent, the county council approved all 1,394 of such applications in 2015 alone.

Perks to a Driveway

Now, avoiding payment for an on-street parking permit may be reason enough for you to convert your front garden into an off-street parking space. Other reasons, however, also show the benefit of such a move. For one, you gain a parking space in an overcrowded street. Finally, you also increase the value and desirability of your property if you intend to sell it.

Need for a Planning Permission

You can hire a landscape company like Oakleigh Manor that builds driveways here in Kent. You will need a planning permission if you choose to pave an area of five square metres or more using impermeable material and no drainage. Otherwise, when you use permeable material or install drainage of rainwater to a lawn or a border, you can normally forego a planning permission.

Types of Driveways You Can Choose

For the kinds of driveways you can build, you can choose from a variety of types. You can choose bound or bounded resin driveways. Such driveways need little maintenance and can last for years. You can also choose the colours and patterns for your resin bound or bonded driveway.

Other types of driveways include gravel, tarmac or asphalt, stone setts, granite, and clay paved driveways. You can ask your landscape company to teach you the difference between the resin bound and resin bounded drives. You can also consult them on the other driveway types. You can choose the type you want based on appearance, durability, and total costs, including maintenance.

You can join in on the home improvement that many UK homeowners have done. With a driveway, you can gain all the benefits of off-street parking.