Office Designs: How it Affect Top Companies’ Success?

Office DesignsIt is not just the numbers that can tell a company’s success, but also its physical working environment. And this is because the office space highly affects the employees’ motivation to go to work and perform well, according to research.

A company, to be successful, must have an office design that inspires its greatest assets – the employees. Like how classrooms should be conducive to learning, office spaces must be conducive to working. Learn how some of the biggest companies motivate their people through a creative working space.

Walk the Talk

A famed social networking company stays true to their concept of connecting people and socialising. Before the refurbishment of their company, they conducted a company-wide poll asking the employees’ main needs. The result was energy-efficient open spaces and the recycling of the old facility’s various parts. The spaces were grouped into different communities and they have open meeting lounges where anyone can join in discussions.

Applying the main value of your company on the interior design engages people to enliven it with one another, inviting teamwork and collaboration. For energy-efficient and economical design, Whiteleys Office Supplies Ltd suggests using sustainable furniture that could last for decades.

A Whole New World

A popular computer animation company may not have continued to make an impressive record of award-winning movies if their employees worked in traditional office designs. Instead, they brought the inspiration from their movies to the interior of their offices. They have large structures of their characters, their own park, attractive, relaxing spaces and creative working areas.

Bring your employees to a different world away from the stresses of the world outside. Besides, if you are working to entertain children you should bring the youthful ambience to your office. As its Chief Creative Officer said, ‘if you have a loose, [or] free kind of atmosphere, it helps creativity.’

Everything Under the Sun

Google’s Switzerland office has everything that will match every employee’s preference. Just like how the search engine does, you can find every kind of workspace here from micro conference rooms, snack rooms, game rooms, egg-shaped meeting rooms, water lounges and many more.

In their nature of business, employees must stay curious and enthusiastic by inviting them to explore and play with some interactive working spaces.

Let your people engage with the philosophy of your company and make them feel the value of their jobs. Like how it is said in the army, ‘Take care of your people and your people will take care of you.’ And it holds true because how else will a company stand without energised employees?