Old is the New Modern: 4 Tricks in Restoring Your Old Home

old house

old houseHomeowners in Australia have different reasons they would rather restore their old home. Instead of demolishing the house and then building another, restoration provides numerous advantages to the owner. With a good handle on the basics, you can easily add pizzazz to your old residence and restore its visual appeal.

The key to restoring an old home is knowing which feature to replace. From the roofing down to flooring material, you can retain the vintage charm of your home while upgrading some of its facilities. Here is a roundup of the things you can do when restoring your old home:

Keep Your Old Windows

Restore, not replace, windows that have not yet deteriorated. Old windows tend to radiate a vintage character that modern ones do not have. Just make sure to add interior air panels and weather strip them to preserve their condition and keep your interiors safe from the elements.

Restore the Roof

Roofs with stand the full force of nature. Due to this, see to it that they are in prime condition to protect your old home. Permacoat suggests full restoration work to guarantee longevity. Do not resort to ‘quick fixes’ as these might compromise your roofing system.

Fill Cracks in Plaster

Taping over cracks often results in poor outcomes. For best results, dig out the cracks and fill them in with plaster. This gives plastered surfaces a polished and longer lasting look.

Upgrade your HVAC systems

Old homes often have features you are tempted not to replace. Aged HVAC systems, however, should not be part of it. It is always better to upgrade your HVAC systems when possible so they meet modern standards.

With strategic upgrades and restoration, you can improve the value of your old home. In the end, this allows you to enjoy the period charm of your house, but with the benefits of modern essentials.