Other than the CEO’s Message: 3 Awesome Ideas for Your Next Corporate Video

video camera lens

Corporate videos have become predictable. More or less, it would open with the brand’s logo or the headquarters, then the rest will be clips of the CEO giving their inspirational talk. While that content is good, if you want to keep clients (and potential clients) and employees engaged, you would need to have varieties of content out there — online and on-the-ground. The next time you brainstorm for content ideas, consider these:

Feature a thought leader.

People watch videos for information. If you could highlight expert information in your video, you’re more likely to get more attention. It doesn’t matter which industry you’re in. Every business sector has thought leaders. Reach out to them and ask if you can have them on a sit-down interview for a topic your clients would be interested in.

As soon as that’s settled, get in touch with a corporate video production company. Denver has a lot of good agencies that could help you with the interview flow, questions, cues, and of course, in making a high-quality output you can be proud of.

Highlight brand culture.

Your brand culture is a point of interest in clients, potential clients, and good talents. It’s simply interesting to see what it’s like to work at and for a certain brand. People are naturally drawn to other people’s lives and stories so give them that.

For this type of content, your employees are the stars. Give them the opportunity to talk about their work. They don’t have to go by a script, as their own words are enough to describe your brand culture. The bonus here is your employees are able to better appreciate their job and worth in your brand, boosting their morale.

Consider holidays.

Holiday videos are a good way to showcase how your brand gets into the spirit of celebration. Moreover, it lets you join in the conversation people are most interested in at a particular moment or season. As holidays are a good-vibes video, you can go more creative with it. Depending on the holiday, you can have employees dancing or singing to a particular song or put on costumes.

Think outside the box when it comes to corporate videos. Who knows, you’ll be able to catch the attention of more clients and future employees.