Packing an Office? What Order Should You Use?

Office Packing in DenverWhen it comes to moving your office to another location, you’re more concerned about the time you’ll lose packing office items and how your employees will respond once you tell them that you’re moving. Preparation is critical to any office move. Having a checklist is essential as it outlines what things need to go first and which ones can wait. Packing is one of the most stressful tasks for anyone considering an office move.

Here are some tips on what order you can use to pack up your office.

Remove decorative items

If you have decorative components such as posters, paintings or statues, you should start packing them up first. They help to provide an appealing appearance to an office. However, they play no actual function.

Organize the files

As a business owner, you have filing cabinets meant for record keeping. You can begin to arrange these files into a box and emptying any components as well. Have these boxes clearly labeled to indicate what each box contains. This will make the unpacking process easier when you finally get to your new office.

Box your books

Books are commonly used for reference and you most likely won’t need them every day. You can pack the books in small boxes. If you have a bookshelf, you can also take it down and pack it as you’re packing the books.

Empty the desk contents

While your chair and the desk are likely to get packed as the last thing, you can begin packing up the content of the desks. You can leave just the important items such as a notepad, pens, and a stapler.

Computers and other equipment

These should be your second last items to pack. Ensure that you’ve backed up your data. Pack up your computers safely in their original boxes if you can find them.

Desk and chairs

These should be your last things to pack. If you have glass tables, you want to ensure that you’re packing them safely to avoid any damage. Reputable Denver commercial movers can help you pack up your furniture properly to ensure that they are safe during and after the move.

Relocating to another office seems complicated but with the right planning, you can move quickly and settle in without any hassles. Contact an experienced moving company in Denver to get a free quote.