Painting the Exterior of Your House: What You Should Avoid

Painting the ExteriorAre you planning to paint the exterior of your house this summer? At a glance, painting seems to be an easy job. But the truth is if you don’t have the experience and knowledge about it, it’s quite a tough task to do.  To make painting hassle-free, you may opt for exterior painting services. There are various companies in New Zealand that offer professional painting and decorating services. You may call or visit them for inquiries.

Meanwhile, here are some exterior painting mistakes which you should avoid:

  • Painting over a dirty surface

This is one of the most common mistakes homeowners make. To come up with a good result, you should clean your house first before painting it. You may use a power washer or a garden hose and a brush to wash the dirt, grime, and old paint off the surface.

  • Painting, priming, or caulking right after washing

Allow the house to dry for two to three days after being washed, before you start painting. You should also scrape off leftover dirt and paint after washing. Doing so will ensure the good quality and durability of the job. Moreover, you should remove old caulk first before applying a new one; otherwise, the holes or cracks will continue to spread.

  • Using the wrong paint

Make sure the base of the existing paint is the same as the one you will use for repainting. If it is oil-based, then use oil-based paint. If you don’t do this, you should be ready to deal with a lot of peeling.

  • Doing the job hastily

Follow the steps one at a time in the correct order as in clean, caulk, and paint. Don’t be in a hurry to have the job done just to save on time. Taking your time will save you the hassles and frustrations in doing the job.

  • Not following painting instructions

Always adhere with what the instructions say. If it says you should apply two coats, do so. Don’t settle for one coat just to cut on costs.

Any home project calls for a thorough planning, and responsible homeowners like you have to consider a lot of things. One of which is to make sure that everything is done the right way. To make this possible, don’t hesitate to call the expert for assistance.