Paleo Diet Essentials: Integrating it in Your Lifestyle


DietPaleo diet, for beginners, is a selection of food that consists of those presumed to have been eaten by prehistoric people. It’s basically the food that people can acquire through hunting or picking, such as meat, fish and seafood, regional fruits and vegetables, eggs, nuts and seeds.

When you think of it, maintaining a paleo diet is difficult, especially if you cannot eat processed foods, salt, cultivated vegetables, grains, dairy and sugar. As hard as it seems, staying in this kind of diet is not impossible. You just have to find ways to make paleo diet a part of your lifestyle.

Integrating paleo diet in your eating routine isn’t that complicated. After all, according to Clean Paleo, this diet is what humans should biologically eat. Therefore, it’s not something new to the human body.


Most people nowadays eat cereals for breakfast. But, instead of eating cornflakes, make an omelette with onion, broccoli, mushrooms and peppers. Sauté the vegetables in olive oil and then add the free-range or omega-3-enriched eggs. Adding chicken breast or diced turkey is also an option.


For your lunch, start with a huge salad of anything you want. Most paleo lunch salads include cucumber, spinach, bell peppers, carrots and radishes. You can also add sliced pears and apples, avocadoes, almonds and walnuts. Eat this salad every day and match it with meat or seafood. Pick any meat or seafood you like, such as chicken, turkey, ground beef, pork chunks, salmon, shrimp and tuna.


Many have difficulties finding a suitable paleo dinner. Essentially, you can settle for any pasta recipe with spaghetti squash as a substitute. Top it with meatballs and pesto and make a side dish of roasted beets and greens. Throw in some steamed broccoli, spinach and asparagus on the side, as well.

Preservatives, additives and chemicals in food is one reason many people nowadays have poor health condition. Through paleo diet, you can avoid these substances and start living a healthier life.