Parenting Tips: 5 Ways You Can Keep Your Kid’s Teeth Healthy


DentistWhile health care is one of the most prioritized when it comes to raising a child, making sure that their teeth are protected and taken care of early on is often taken for granted. Parents mistakenly think that just because their kids do not suffer from bad breath and toothaches means that their teeth are healthy and will stay that way in the long run.

In reality, caring for your kid’s teeth should begin even before their birth. Here are 5 ways you can keep those pearls in good shape:

  1. Start with a healthy pregnancy.

As early as your sixth week of pregnancy, your baby develops her tooth buds that soon become her first set of teeth. At twenty weeks, her permanent teeth buds will begin to form. This means that at this point, any pregnant woman should receive sufficient nutrition, especially her share of calcium and vitamin D, from what she eats and drinks.

When your baby arrives, the best way to provide proper nutrition is through your breast milk. While not everyone can nurse their newborns successfully, it is important to reiterate that breast milk is the best source of nourishment up even for toddlers. Breast milk contains enough calcium and other minerals to keep your kid in the best of shape, and does not contain artificial ingredients that cause baby bottle tooth decay.

  1. Teach your kid to eat healthy rather than sugary.

Delay introduction of sweets and sugary food until your kid is at least a year old. Cut back on juices as they also have high levels of sugar. Instead of feeding her commercially available introductory solids, try fruits and vegetables with the least flavoring as her first taste of food. This will most likely help her develop a predilection for healthy food options, rather than chocolates and junk, Hermes London Dental Clinic advises.

  1. Train them young.

Before the first tooth shows, make sure to wipe her gums and tongue with a clean damp cloth. Use an infant toothbrush to clean her first set of teeth. At the age of two, you can teach her to brush her own teeth, but with very close supervision to prevent her from swallowing her toothpaste. Make brush time fun and exciting, such that your little toddler will look forward to brushing her teeth every after meal.

Finally, find a pediatric dentist who will make sure your kids’ oral health is in good condition. Bringing your toddler with you as you visit your own Victoria dentist will also make her feel more confident comes her time for check-up.