Pause, Look and Listen: Recharging Ideas for the Stressed Individual

Cheer Up

Cheer UpStress is normal; it’s even necessary for personal growth and survival. If your stress levels in the office, at home, or with your family have gone through the roof, however, perhaps it’s time to pause.

Here are simple ways to relieve your stress and recharge your energy at the end of a long day.

Eat Your Favourite Food

When your uninspiring boss or insensitive colleague pushes you way out of your stress limits, you may need more than the simple stress reliever. Visit restaurants and order the gourmet food you want. Or better yet, order the best steak in Brisbane.

Have a Cup of Tea

A cup of tea invigorates the soul and nourishes the body. Brew a pot of your favourite white, green or black tea and add milk or honey as you wish. You can buy a bag of those sweet, buttery scones and have yourself a refreshing cup of tea before you go to bed as well.

Take a Hot Bath

Nothing soothes tired shoulder muscles and sore back as much as a hot bath can. Get one of those rose petal or sea foam bath bombs and get into your tub for 30 minutes of relaxation. You’ll feel lighter and softer after towelling yourself dry.

People Watch at the Park

Eating a full meal will make you feel sleepy. Instead of going straight home, take a detour and watch passers-by at the park. Observe random people — their gestures and smiles — see how each individual interacts with another, and relate these to your own experience. Whatever you get from this introspective activity depends on you.

Start Reading a Good Book

Do you have a book that a good friend has lent you years ago, but you’ve never had the chance to even flip the first few pages? Perhaps the book can relieve your stress and even show you different perspectives on mundane things. After all, your friend may not even recommend that book if it’s not valuable.

When all else fails, consider taking the next day off. You’re getting paid time off after all and you can use those leave credits to your advantage.