Pausing to Appreciate the POS System: Shaping the Retail Industry

POS system

POS systemUS shoppers are finally shedding their funk as reports about the recent 2014 holiday season sales reflect the retail industry has one of their best showings since 2011.

Retailers across the country finally had a merry Christmas, as retail sales for November to December 2014 rose 4%, according to a report by the National Retail Federation. The retail sector said the growth was a turning point for their industry after years of reluctance on the part of consumers to spend.

At the back of this success is the reliance on the dependable Point of Sale (POS) system that has become every retail store’s tool in handling the flood of shoppers and orders.

Enablers of Service

The POS system is ubiquitous in the retail industry. Traditionally, these have been used to scan your purchases and generate bills. These systems, however, are currently experiencing great changes as it allows the person behind the counter to deliver multiple operations.

POS systems are no longer just sales support systems, but are also enablers of service. Some of the latest features include showing shoppers information about a product at different levels.

Going Mobile

There’s also the resizing of the POS systems, from the traditional big screen computer terminals, to more mobile, non-tethered, and more affordable units. New York City-based POS solutions provider explains that these advanced features (such as mobile friendliness) helps businesses improve their operations, and ultimately, make customer experience better.

The Internet-connectedness of Things

POS systems are also getting connected to other systems within a store, thus, addressing various issues using one solution. These interconnected systems can now help employees with looking up inventory and stocks not just in their store, but also in other outlets of the same chain or brand in the city.

There are even some organizations that take interconnectivity to a whole new level by integrating POS systems with in-store CCTV cameras. These can generate real time reports on how many walk-in customers actually end up leaving the store with a purchase. This gives management valuable data on making on-the-spot decisions that improve conversion rates.

All these features and more have seen the humble POS system become a crucial productivity driver for employees and store operations. With future updates expected for POS systems, it can only be good news for a retail store’s profitability.