Planning Like A Pro: 5 Questions An Events Planner Might Encounter

Event organizer holding microphone and notebook

According to Forbes contributor Laura Mignott, one key to successful event planning lies on how you treat the people who will be attending. This rings true because guests might be attending an event for the first time, and how event officials treat them might leave a lasting impression on them. It’s therefore important to attend to every concern that attendees might have once the event takes place. Here are five questions an events planner might encounter.

Who will be attending? shows that identifying all the people participating in the event is important. A guest might ask you about who will be attending, be it the speakers, the hosts, or fellow guests. Having conference badges will not only help you keep track of the people attending, but it will also maintain the security during the event because guards will know who is going and or out of the venue.

Where will I be staying?

Questions about accommodation will also come up in case the event lasts for a few days. Contact hotels or inns near the event venue so you may reserve rooms or direct calling guests to these hotel hotlines. Doing so will prevent any inconveniences when a guest has no place to stay.

What food will be served?

For guests that have specific conditions regarding food like allergies, they might ask you about the food that will be served. Guests of certain religious denominations may also ask this because they might be forbidden by their religion to eat certain types of meat.

Do you know the way to this room?

How much would this cost me?

Lastly, there will be inquiries about the expenses of the event. Potential guests usually ask this beforehand, which means you can explain to them a detailed breakdown of costs. In doing so, you let them make an informed decision on whether to attend the event or not.

Planning Like A Pro

In summary, the event planners can secure a successful conference, concert, or any event by treating the guests properly. They can do this by clarifying any questions they might ask, before or during the event. In doing so, you’ll leave a lasting impression on the guests in the way you planned out things like a pro.