Pool Fencing And Gates

Pool Fencing

Pool FencingPool fencing and gates are a necessary addition, particularly when there are small kids and pets around the house. Those who like to install pool fencing or gates in their backyards should know that they come in many varieties, design and materials.

Owners usually install pool fences to keep children or curious pets from falling into the pool without their supervision. This could cause injury or worse. Still, most owners, says Boardwalk, dislike the idea of fencing off the pool completely, so there are some alternatives without compromising the pool’s inherent beauty.

Here is a look at the choices you have where pool fencing and gates are concerned.

  1. Different Designs Of Pool Fences

Concerning the pool fence design, you have three choices:

  • Above ground pool fences suitable for the aboveground pools. In this case, you need to buy tall fences.
  • In-ground pool fences require you to drill into the wall surrounding the pool to fix the vertical posts.
  • Balustrade fences that come with staircases and balconies for a luxury home.
  1. Different Materials Of Pool Fences

A range of pool fencing materials is available for people of all tastes and budget:

  • Glass, which is one of the most beautiful and contemporary types of pool fences. These give you great visibility and are easy to maintain. They are relatively expensive, though.
  • Aluminium fencing: resistant to corrosion, durable, strong and lightweight.
  • Steel fencing, durable and strong, but not rust-resistant and heavy compared to aluminium.
  • Wrought iron fencing, for the classic look. This material makes the fencing heavy. It is also not rust-resistant.
  • Wood fencing. This does not resist water, unless the wood has treatment. This is also high maintenance and may require replacement after a few years.
  • Mesh fencing, usually made of vinyl. These are safe than most as children or pets cannot climb over it, and offer a transparent (but not as clear a view as glass) view. You can easily remove mesh fences when needed.
  1. Gates For The Pool

Pool gates come with a variety of hook-and-latch mechanisms. The self-closing and latching gates are the most popular, but you can opt for manually operated ones as long as you rig the mechanism 137 centimetres or 54 inches above ground.

No matter which type of fence or gate latching mechanism you choose, call in the professionals to have them installed properly and according to local laws. This will make your swimming pool the safest one in the neighbourhood.