Post-Extraction Care: When the Wisdom Teeth Are Out

After Care Wisdom Teeth Extraction in BrisbaneGetting your wisdom teeth removed can be part of growing up. For the lucky few, they may no longer need to remove them as they have enough space when they grow out. Most of the people, however, have wisdom teeth growing out in the wrong direction or gums without space for another tooth. Removal of these last molars is a common practice because they can affect your overall dental health.

It is easy to get wisdom teeth extraction in Brisbane. But, Smile Time Family Dental says, what you should prepare for is what comes after the process. Recovering from this procedure can take a while. Here are some things you should do as after care.

Head level and massage

Keeping your head elevated can help promote proper blood flow when you sleep. Add pillows to your back so you can sleep at a reclined position. This can help stop the bleeding and allow for a faster recovery. During the process of removal, your dental surgeon may have kept your mouth wide open for a long time. Massaging your jaw may also lessen the pain caused by the surgery.

Cold drinks and ice packs

You might suffer from pain when the pain relievers stop working. This annoying sensation may last even if you are not moving or doing anything. It can be hard to concentrate when you have this constant pain lingering in your mouth. To help alleviate this pain, you can drink cold coconut water. This drink also helps you recover lost electrolytes as you cannot eat solid food during this time. Putting an ice pack on your cheek closest to where the teeth you lost are may also help.

Caring for yourself is important after you have gone through a surgery such as wisdom teeth extraction. Take a week off from work and lessen your stress so you can get back to the grind faster.