Prevent Fire in Your Workshop or Garage

Fire Prevention at WorkFire safety is a topic that should never be ignored, avoided, or put off at the workplace. When you’re in a workshop or a garage, fires are a reality that you should be able to prevent. Here are some important tips to remember:

Housekeeping is Every Employee’s Job

When clutter collects — and it does tend to collect fast — the fire risk goes up. With clutter, a fire has fuel, what with all the paper, rubber, wood, plastic, and everything else lying around. And when there’s too much clutter, fire exits or fire extinguishers may already be blocked and you wouldn’t even notice.

Combustible Materials are Everywhere, So Take Note

At a workshop, it’s common to see sparks literally flying. When sparks are present near combustible material, such as wood or sawdust, that’s an accident waiting to happen. Make sure there is nothing flammable where flames or sparks are present. Use a down draft table wherever applicable to prevent combustible material and dust from flying around.

Machine Maintenance Prevents Fires

When a machine is overworked and not maintained properly, the chances are high that it will malfunction. In some instances, a machine may blow up or catch fire due to overheating. Do not overwork or neglect your machines.

Chemicals Need Safe Storage

Have a safe place for locking up your chemicals if you use any. If they are exposed to heat or accidentally spilt, they may cause an explosion or a flame, endangering your entire workshop and all your employees. Lock the chemicals in a cool and dry place where only authorized people can get them.

Arson Fires are Just as Dangerous

Your shop needs security to prevent arson fires. Your CCTV cameras should save to a server that’s off-site, so in case a fire does start, the footage is safe. Get roving security guards especially at night.

A fire is one of the biggest risks when you’re operating a workshop or garage. Know how to prevent fires and invest time and money in keeping your employees informed and safe.