Problems that May Arise During Child Custody Exchanges

child custody

child custodyUnder the general legal process in Provo, child custody arrangements cover custody and visitation schedules detailing the time, place, and manner exchanges to be conducted. The actual exchange or “swap” occurs every time a child goes physically from parent to parent.

Exchanges fall under visitation rights based on the idea that both parents are entitled to spend time with their children. This is regardless of other child custody problems, including child support non-payments.

Due to the nature of child custody, certain issues may arise during exchanges. To avoid such matters, it is important to work with an experienced child custody attorney in Provo.

Problems during Child Custody Exchanges

Exchanges occur systematically each day among hundreds of families in Provo, and often with little or no major issues arising. Nonetheless, some deal with disagreements, often concerning school-, child rearing-, and child support-related issues. In some cases, emotions run high, especially among parents who often disagree or are not in good terms with one another.

When issues arise, exchange environments can turn hostile, unpleasant, and even physically and emotionally damaging. In extreme cases, exchanges might even put the child at risk.

Extreme cases demonstrate the complex legal challenges that can arise during high emotional exchanges. While law enforcement can help prevent and stop the harmful behavior of either parent, their actions are often limited when it comes to child custody matters. In general, they can only document what is happening or what has happened for later court review.

Putting Forward the Best Interests of the Children

In any case, however, violence or disagreements among parents during exchanges are less likely to focus on the best interest of the children. As such, parents should avoid them as much as possible. Otherwise, one or both of them can lose their custody rights.

To prevent problems during child custody exchange, contact a local child custody lawyer. After all, it is better to settle matters as early as possible, rather than deal with legal complications later on.